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FARconnector works with artists, arts organizations and entities seeking to partner with the arts community to define and achieve organizational wellness and professional health.


Realizing that artistic and creative goals require investment in a strong and flexible infrastructure,

FARconnector promotes organizational efficiency, creative and strategic thinking, energy-balanced goal setting, active engagement in the community at large, and, most importantly, self-confidence. 

FARconnector acknowledges the ever-present critical need to achieve equity and the eradication of white supremacy in all its open and systemic forms. We seek to continuously educate and decolonize ourselves, and work as accomplices using our privilege to undo and discard oppressive systems that permeate all elements of society. 


Meeting each client or project on their own terms, FARconnector helps shed limiting beliefs and narrow definitions about success and encourages exploration of unique strengths and sensibilities that will lead to an open-minded and flexible path forward. We listen and learn from our clients before working in tandem with them through strategies, systems and pathways to achieve delineated goals. We practice cultural humility and believe in decolonizing the sectors in which we work to move towards verifiable equity and inclusion.


Our work environment is honest, thoughtful, creative, positive, nimble, respectful, constructive, inquisitive, brave, cooperative and compassionate. We believe firmly in building strong barrier-free networks that weave together the arts and all other sectors, strengthening those working in the arts and culture space.

© 2024 FARconnector 

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