Dance Executive Fellowship Team

deft fellows come from communities
often denied equal access and promotion to executive positions. deft fellows work with BIPOC artists and artistic directors.

deft: showing cleverness and skill in handling situations. 

DEFT Fellows Receive

  • A livable wage for half time work for three years

  • Sustained mentoring

  • Opportunities to build their professional networks and expand their contacts

  • Access to tools for building organizational structures and systems

  • Information on innovative and current trends and conversations in dance and other relevant fields, and opportunities to engage in related events.

  • Regular meetings and oversight with their paired artistic entity to ensure a successful experience.

  • Meetings with all DEFT fellows to build professional peer community, and to explore different business models.

DEFT Artistic Partners Receive 

  • An executive level partner who works with them half time over the course of three years

  • The opportunity to forge a long-term relationship with an executive partner to work towards the sustainability and growth of the entity.

  • Guidance and strategic advising with and for their DEFT Fellow to ensure a successful experience

DEFT is by invitation only.  

For more information, contact

DEFT is by invitation only.  

For more information, contact

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