Building infrastructural architecture that will form an organizational foundation for B. Dunn Movement/Dance and Theatre Company, a performance art company based in Los Angeles creating work that reveals the universal spirit of our humanity.

FLEX - Lighting and Photo by Matthew_Joh

Designing and implementing an administrative structure that supports Carlon, the platform through which Jay Carlon creates and produces projects that fuse dance, theater and site based experiences.

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Organizational and strategic mentoring as Rosanna Gamson embarks on the creation and presentation of two new works and the next iteration of Rosanna Gamson/World Wide.


Served on the 2014 Arts Convergence Steering Committee and 2019 Arts Summit planning committee.

Planned day long convenings focusing on health of the LA arts community and advocacy on its behalf.


Staffing addressed the chronic need for business support by providing direct and affordable administrative support. Premiering in LA in 2015, Day of Dancer Health events now take place in at least eight U.S. cities. Home Grown starting as a collaborative model for producing and presenting dance, now includes residencies, rehearsal access and other performance opportunities.  Koreatown Youth & Community Center Artist Residency embedded culturally and linguistically aligned dance artists into KYCC low income supportive housing, deepening the long-term impact for tenants.

Shepherding the exploration of weaving dance and other arts into the programming fabric of Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement, an organization cultivating healthy and vibrant Asian and Pacific Islander communities.


Help Desk was a personalized mentorship program focusing on organizational stability and growth for small to mid-sized dance organizations and independent choreographers. Behind the Scenes uses the production of a live dance performance as the vehicle through which high school students explore all types of careers related to dance and the performing arts.

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